Get Ahead of the Game

Approaching a software or app project can feel overwhelming, especially for first-time or non-technical entrepreneurs. It can take months to learn how the development process works, map out the technical strategy, identify the right development partner, and find a budget-friendly option. That’s why we created the Startup Launch Kit – to provide a low-cost, no-risk way to get the ball rolling quickly. We’ll analyze your idea, create an air-tight plan for how to develop it, and give you a detailed cost estimate for making a full version. We’ll also give you critical assets to show investors and other key stakeholders, including a downloadable demo of the product, and a stunning website. The best part? We'll do it all in 1.5 months.

Startup Launch Kit Package

Downloadable Demo

We'll make a great-looking demo that you can use to demonstrate your concept. The demo will look and feel like a real app, and be designed to scale. That means that if you decide to take the next step, you can keep building on top of the demo rather than starting again from scratch.

A Rock-Solid Tech Blueprint

It's critically important to make sure that your technology plan factors in your budget, business objectives, and long-term strategy. We'll map out all of this, so you have a plan you can rely on every step of the way. Includes a detailed estimate of what you can expect your first app build to cost, and how long it should take.

Establish a Brand Identity

We'll make you a stunning website and provide you with 3 professionally designed logo concepts. This way, you'll have another tool in your toolkit - a great looking brand identity and materials that you can use to share information about your product idea.

Optimize Your Business Plan

Having a solid business and marketing plan is just as important as having great technology. You need to know if there is a market for your idea, how to distinguish your product from the competition, and what revenue models to consider. You also need to have a good idea of who your target users are, and how to reach them through marketing efforts, search engine optimization (SEO), and other methods. This is why we’ve partnered with specialists in business analysis and marketing to offer you the Business Idea Boost package. At one low cost, you can get expert assistance in building a unique and viable business and marketing plan.

Business Idea Boost Package

Idea Validation and Feedback

Our partner experts will conduct an objective analysis of the business potential of your idea and provide you with custom feedback. This will include tips for how to monetize the concept, new ideas that could improve your offering, and comments on the potential market for your product. We'll also give you a great business plan template.

Competition Research

Competition doesn't mean you can't succeed - just look at Uber and Lyft. But it's important to be aware of what similar products are on the market. Our partner experts will do comprehensive research of the competition, and provide ideas for how you might stand out from the crowd.

Custom Marketing Plan

You can have a great idea, plan, and technology solution, but if your prospective customers don't know about it what's the point? We've partnered with a leading marketing firm which will produce a customized plan for how you can market your idea and find users. This includes an outline of cost estimates and the best approach for you.

Set Yourself up to Succeed.

We want you to have a great technology product and all the resources you need to make it a commercial success.  We also want you to feel confident, and minimize your risk.  That’s why we’ve created the Startup Launch Kit and Business Idea Boost – so you can get affordable, quick advice from experts to help position you to succeed. 

The YourCTO Startup Launch Kit Checklist

The Startup Launch Kit and Business Idea Boost provide you with an incredibly well-rounded suite of assets that will help prepare you for the journey ahead, while saving time and money. We'd love to help you start up.

Downloadable app/software demo

Stunning product website

Expert analysis of your business idea*

Detailed technology blueprint

3 professionally made logo designs

Competition research report*

Cost & time estimate for full app

$3,500 discount on any future app development

Custom marketing strategy*

*Available with the purchase of the Business Idea Boost package

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Save thousands of dollars, dozens of headaches, and months of your time by letting the experts help you get started.

  • Startup Launch Kit

  • $ 6,499

    • Fixed price: no hidden costs
    • Guaranteed completion in 1.5 months
    • Downloadable product demo
    • Detailed technology blueprint
    • Brand identity: website and logo designs
    • $3,500 discount off any future development
  • Business Idea Boost

  • $ 1,999

    • Fixed price: no hidden costs
    • Guaranteed completion in 1.5 months
    • Business idea analysis and business plan template
    • Competition research report
    • Custom marketing & user acquisition strategy
    • All partner experts are founders or C-Level executives

Expert Advice, Just for You.

Every aspect of the Startup Launch Kit and Business Idea Boost packages are overseen by one of our co-founders. We will personally work on your demo, technology blueprint, and brand identity. We’ve partnered with leading experts to work on your business idea analysis, conduct competition research, and make a custom marketing strategy for you. The result is that you get the best feedback from a diverse set of experts, for a fraction of the price. 

Let’s get started!

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