Avoid Tech Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Business

It’s difficult for non-technical founders to navigate important tech decisions when building an app or software product. We provide expert tech advice to save you time and money.
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The tech decisions that you make at the start of your journey can make or break your business.

There is no reason that non-technical entrepreneurs can’t build successful software products – they just need the right support when getting started.

There are a number of early decisions that are hard to make without a technical background, but critically important to get right. We’ll help you decide whether to seek a co-founder or CTO, hire an in-house team, or contract freelancers, a development company, or outsourced solutions – and vet candidates or vendors to make sure they have the technical skills and track record to succeed. We’ll also make sure that your technology roadmap aligns with your business plan, and chart the most efficient pathway to market while keeping your longer term needs in mind. This way, you don’t waste money on work that will later have to be redone or scrapped.

Navigating these decisions on your own can be costly. Early mistakes often result in huge amounts of lost time and unnecessary spending. In the worst case scenario, this can lead to conditions that sink your business before it gets off the ground. 

That’s why it’s essential to have trusted expert tech guidance at the start of your journey.

Unfortunately, the software industry can be predatory – making it hard to trust the motives and advice of those who are seeking to score a development contract. We take this dynamic out of the equation entirely by being a trusted expert advisor that will never try to upsell you on other services. We bring decades of technology and strategic planning experience in service of your business. We answer to you, and you alone.   

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What We Can Help With

Critical Early Stage Decision-Making:

  • Researching product feasibility
  • Deep-dive understanding of your business and mapping a tech plan to your business plan
  • Scoping out the most efficient way to market and designing a blueprint for your product
  • Outlining realistic budget, staffing, and timeline expectations
  • Research third party integrations/API handshakes as needed
  • Providing technical information and other support to help with startup fundraising

Help Finding and Vetting Top Tech Talent:

  • Outline specific skillsets needed that match your product and business vision
  • Help determine viable staffing pathways (in-house vs. hired out)
  • Help recruiting, vetting, and interviewing candidates (individuals and companies)
  • Manage the bidding process to make sure you get a fair price and favorable terms (if hiring a vendor)
  • Support onboarding first tech hires and transferring all tech planning to date
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The YourCTO Guarantee:

Who You’ll be Working With:

Our founders David and Shubhanan have a combined 40 years of experience in technology, business development, and strategic planning.  They have worked with idea-stage entrepreneurs, startup companies, nonprofit organizations, governments, international organizations, and large companies. You can read their bios here.

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