Strategic Consulting for Early Stage Projects.

Save time and money by getting expert advice before spending on software development.

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We’ll be Your CTO

It’s quite common for software projects to go off the rails due to a lack of planning, or poor communication between the entrepreneur and developers. Working with our experts to do extensive planning before you start development can help refine your vision, improve your product, get to market quicker, and save thousands of dollars by adopting a detailed development strategy. We can handle everything from product design & architecture to helping you hire tech talent – all for a fraction of the price of hiring a CTO before you truly need one.

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Our Consulting Modules

We offer these services individually or bundled together at a discount

• Ideation (2 weeks)

We’re delighted to help you brainstorm about new software or app ideas, research technical feasibility, conduct competition research, and provide our feedback on the tech and business viability of any idea. We draw on our technical expertise, decades of business experience, our network of contacts, and the lessons learned from other client projects to give our honest and expert advice. This way you can be sure that what you have in mind is achievable before investing in any development.

• Discovery & Strategic Plan (2 weeks)

We do a deep dive to fully understand your idea and business objectives in the short, medium, and long term. The most important part of any project is outlining its features and functionality – in extensive detail. We work closely with you to make a detailed technology plan that matches your business vision. Having experts guide you through this process before you start development can save tens of thousands of dollars. 

• User Interface Design (2 weeks)

It’s important to visualize what your app will look like early in the process. We’ll put together wireframes (basic outlines) and fully design 5 key screens, with multiple rounds of feedback, so that we land on an attractive design that you love. Doing this will help you better conceptualize the entire product, which will make it easier for you to make sure you get the outcome that you have in mind.

• Ramp Up / Staffing

When you’re ready to find a development partner we can help make sure you find the team that makes the most sense. Whether directly hiring developers, looking for freelancers, or searching for development companies, we’ll serve as an expert advocate on your behalf to help you vet talent, assess cost estimates, negotiate contract terms, and onboard your team. We’ll make sure your interests are protected at all times so you don’t get taken advantage of.

Client Testimonials

Why YourCTO?

We’re passionate about building amazing tech products. Our team has over 15 years of experience and expertise in a variety of programming languages and platforms. We always build in a strategic way so that your tech is scalable and can grow with your business. Your great ideas need to be matched by equally great tech – and that’s what we strive to deliver.

Your tech strategy has to match the needs of your business. We work hard to understand your business plan in the short, mid, and long term. Our own experience, as startup founders ourselves, and having advised executives and entrepreneurs in many sectors, helps us align with your vision.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of tech projects gone wrong – the root cause is almost always poor planning and communication. We do a deep dive to plan your project to the last detail and make sure you understand exactly how the process works. Once we start, we loop you in every step of the way and always have an open line of communication. This way, we make sure that our expectations are aligned from the start, and stay that way.

We believe in radical transparency. We go the extra mile to detail every step of a project, so that we can offer fixed price options that minimize your risk. We will never spring unexpected charges or changes on you. Equally important, if we run into any unexpected hurdles we’ll let you know right away and recommend tangible solutions.

Our role is to be your advocate and safeguard your interests, not to maximize our profit. We always recommend the approach that makes the most sense for your business, even if it means smaller contracts for us. We work hard to earn and keep your trust, and view each client relationship as a partnership. Getting you to market as quickly and efficiently as possible benefits everyone.

We believe that every entrepreneur deserves the white glove service that big companies get. That’s why we only take on as many projects as our founders can personally oversee. You’ll always work directly with one of our founders, own all work product and IP, and be treated like what you are – a top priority.

We strive to help clients start small and grow, and our software is always built to scale. As your business and tech needs grow, we can grow with you – handling everything from tech and customer support all the way to building and managing full-time teams that work only on your project.

Fair and Transparent Pricing.

Every project is unique, and the exact cost and timeline depend on exactly what we’re building. To get a basic idea of cost ranges, try our pricing widget – choose the type of project you have in mind to see sample costs.  Contact us any time to get a free quote for your project. 

Health Tracking MVP


3 months

A minimal viable product for an app that syncs with wearable devices to track health goals

Tinder-Style Dating App


4 months

A dating app that uses swiping functionality and integrates video and audio chat

E-Commerce MVP


4 months

A shopping app minimal viable product for iOS with customer and vendor user roles

Uber-Style Delivery App


5 months

A delivery app with multiple user roles, geo-based map updates, and payments

Craigslist-Style MVP


3.5 months

A minimal viable product for a web app that facilitates posting ads and anonymized messaging

Collaboration Marketplace


5 months

An online platform that facilitates professional connections, academic collaboration, and content sharing

Sales Scheduling Tool


4 months

A subscription web app that helps schedule sales meetings, take multimedia meeting notes, and track follow up

Community Engagement Software


5.5 months

A white-label b2b community rewards platform which integrates with Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

Strategic Tech Consulting

Starting at $2,500

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